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September 1, 2009

This isn’t my first blog.

In my short life so far I’ve had three, all since deleted: the first devoted to a high-school boyfriend (and kind of scary); the second, very short-lived, about being a “swingin’ single with problems” right after college graduation (deleted almost immediately after conception); the third, an attempt at a newsy opinion blog during the election. And now here I am, starting again. I just can’t seem to let it go.

I can’t promise this latest adventure won’t be a mess of all three, with added exploits about my job (editor), life (slowly admiting the fact that I’m searching for my future boyfriend, henceforth: MFB), hobbies (cooking), and extracurriculars (I’m taking classes to get my license to teach high-school biology). No one thing about my life is particularly interesting enough to stand on its own, so this will be everything and anything I want to pass on to the ‘sphere out there.

I cannot deny I am actively trying to find MFB, and along the way I’m editing, cooking, learning, and writing. All somewhat compulsively. I suppose instead of “eat, pray, love,” I am shooting for “edit, cook….date.” We’ll see how it goes. All I do is read other people’s blogs, and there is no reason I can’t have one, too.

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