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You’re so mysterious, Google!

September 15, 2009

I love Google doodles, but today’s crop circle drawing is weird and I was even more confused when I hovered my mouse over the doodle and couldn’t get the tiny little yellow explanation text to appear. If you click the Google image, it takes you to a search about crop circles.


Apparently, last week Google had a little UFO stealing one of the “o”s, which I must have missed. According to the Guardian, Google posted a tweet of some coordinates, as well:

The internet giant also posted a tweet on its Twitter account with the map reference 51.327629, 0.5616088, which eagle-eyed sci-fi fans have identified as the centre of the small town of Horsell in Surrey. This was the spot where HG Wells set the first UFO landing in his novel The War of the Worlds.

Everyone’s trying to read deep significance into this. Is it about abduction? Or aliens? Or Horsell? Or just crop circles? No. It’s almost certainly a viral marketing campaign teasing people ahead of some launch in a week or two. One possible explanation is that it’s trailing an online “happening” that will coincide with the 143rd anniversary of Wells’s birth next week.

Well, call me intrigued.

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