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Did you just throw something at me?

September 18, 2009

It’s been a week since my last anecdotal dating post, so I’ll finish up last week’s musings on approaching people in bars. I started by telling you about Boy 1, who was less than successful. Boy 2 of the same night, however, fared better.

Boy 2 threw something at me.

Yes, he really did. I was talking to two friends with my back to a group of guys when my girlfriend looked suddenly astonished and horrified, glaring at something behind me. “They just threw something at us.”

I turned and the guys were giggling. The cutest one walked over to me and said, “I’m sorry,” as my friend cut him off and said “DID YOU JUST THROW SOMETHING AT US?” I was too busy thinking he was cute to remember to be mock-annoyed, however, so I went off to talk to Boy 2.

Boy 2 and I had a LOT in common–three cities of importance to me were also ones in which he had lived. We discussed Philadelphia sports for a while (which, by the way, is an excellent cop out for me when I don’t want to talk to someone anymore: “Ohh, you’re from New York? You’re a Giants fan? I don’t think we’re going to be friends…”) and then talked about Richmond, where we both went to (different) colleges. I asked him finally why he decided to throw something at us, second-grade style, and he responded that he and his friends wanted to talk to me but couldn’t think of a good way in, so they figured if they threw something, we’d get mad, and they’d vote Cutie to come smooth things over.

OK, so maybe this isn’t the best strategy ever, and it has potential to backfire, but my only point here is that it was better than “Hi.” Creative. Immature. Ballsy. I liked it.

I gave Boy 2 my number, but never got a call. He was visiting friends in the city and I pretty much knew I’d never hear from him again.

SO, to sum up that night and what we learned: (1) I met two boys, one pretty great, neither of whom live in my city. (2) Sometimes creativity beats simplicity. (3) Don’t give you number unless you think it will go somewhere or actually want to hear from the person.


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