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Want to feel overwhelmed?

September 23, 2009

No, you probably don’t, and your own life is likely overwhelming enough on this Wednesday morning without thinking about technological growth, information overload, stress, global population increases, and other crap that just doesn’t fit on your plate right now.


Fears of the recent economic downturn and of terrorism have compounded with other stressors have led to some of the highest levels of stress in people…ever.

Is it any wonder, after watching that video? What does it all mean??

One of my favorite “make you feel extremely insignificant” Web sites is Breathing Earth, where you can sit and watch for a few minutes or longer and feel ridiculously small. It shows you how much carbon dioxide we’re emitting (hence the “breathing” party), where there are births and deaths and how frequent they are, and how much the global population has grown since you started watching. You can click on different countries to get specific statistics.


Your Wednesday might seem a bit more manageable after you watch it. Or it might stress you out so much you want to crawl under your desk. Or then again, you might just say, “So what?”

Go check it out. Let me know what you think.

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