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Too soon?

September 24, 2009

I love Christmas.

Christmas at our house 2k8

Christmas at our house 2k8

I reallllllly love Christmas. Love love love. So much that anyone who knows me at all probably knows that I love five things most in the world: bacon, golden retrievers, the beach, Christmas, and Friends. It’s not because I love giving and getting presents (but who doesn’t), it’s because I genuinely love to gather with my family for a week, sit by the fireplace watching hilarious movies, and sing songs, eat cookies, and look at pretty lights. I can ignore the lines, the crankypants people, the cold, and the commercialization because the other aspects of the “season” truly mean so much to me. I love tradition, I love family, and I love rituals. I also love anticipation.

So! Here we are, and it’s three months until Christmas eve. Too soon to start shopping for people? I think not! My mother is done most of her shopping by Halloween (seriously). I’m more like…by Thanksgiving.

Things I love this year (this will be a recurring segment):


I got my mom a Le Creuset stock pot last year for Christmas, and she’s still raving about it.


A bit off-season, I know, but these talking grill thermometers from Brookstone are such great accessories that you might as well not even cook without them. They work just as well in the pan or oven, and I have not overcooked a piece of meat—lamb, chicken, pork, or steak—since I got it for my birthday last year. It is so easy and so convenient, I can’t recommend it enough.

photobook’s photobooks. I’ve given this gift time and time again, and it never fails to get oohs, ahhs, and even tears from the recipient. These books are beautifully made and incredibly easy to customize.


I got this gift set for my birthday a few years ago, and I was so sad when I finally squeezed the last tiny drop out of the bottles. These smell so good you might want to open the top and chug it in the shower (please don’t). All of Philosophy’s products smell great, but the margarita scent made me smell like a walking vacation. My other favorite Philosophy body wash scents are vanilla birthday cake, caramel apple, hot chocolate, and raspberry sorbet.

I’ll be back with more fun gifts over the next three months.

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  1. Colleen permalink
    October 1, 2009 1:01 pm

    hahahaha! I love that you love christmas as much as I do!


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