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Dearth of anecdotes lately

September 28, 2009

I’m struggling lately with the follow-through on anyone I’ve met in a bar, but this is usually because I have only lukewarm feelings of interest and am disinterested in my dating plight. I’m…lazy.

However, while we were on the topic of good lines and ins, I just wanted to share how me and my roommate were hit on the other night, which was amusing and made us chuckle. This guy came up to us and asked whether we minded if he set his Red Bull can on the ledge in front of us; we said no. Then he asked, “Are you guys even old enough to be in here?” To which said roommate replied no, we were actually 14 and had really good fakes.

It got us talking. Then this guy whispered with his Texas accent in my ear and I swooned even though he was thirty and bald.

It’s the little things.

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