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Worst Movie of the Moment Award

September 28, 2009

Goes to………..


OK, this one is partly my fault because if I had stopped to research this movie as I usually do before shelling out $8.50 for a matinee, I would have foregone the Sunday afternoon trip. However, it seemed to have all the classic ingredients for an L-pleasing few hours: dancing, singing, Kherrington, high schoolers, performing arts, and fun teachers.

FALSE. How could you combine all of those aspects and yet somehow have absolutely no element of a feel-good, fun time?

The plot was thrown together and disconnected, random at best and with no pulls. The characters were either so annoying and/or underdeveloped that not only did I not care what happened to them but I didn’t even get excited when they succeeded. There was an overall lack of “performance;” only a few songs here and there and random dance numbers that were thrown in, unexplained, and detached from the rest of the plot. The final number was so lacking in any sort of emotional quality that when it ended I turned to my friends and said, “Seriously? That’s it?” There wasn’t even a number set to the theme song of the entire movie, “Fame.”

It ended and we were so confused as to how a movie with such good ingredients ended up so terribly bland. Pretty much any other song and dance movie, ever, was better than this one, and I’m going to go ahead and include both Stomp the Yard AND Step Up 2: The Streets in that category.

Speaking of Step Up, I leave you with the final scene from that movie to start your Monday. These three minutes are better than the two hours I wasted on Fame and will never get back.

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