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Shows you should be watching, part 4

September 29, 2009

When: Tuesdays

What: The Biggest Loser

Why: Because there is something indescribably gratifying about watching other people exercise. It makes you kind of want to do sit ups but also eat a pint of ice cream while you’re on your couch, screaming along with Bob and Jillian.

Have you met Bob and Jillian?


Know you of their motivational power and lung capacity and penchant for dirty words? They are my heros.

The Biggest Loser is going 8 seasons strong in the US, hosted by Allison Sweeney and with a new crew of eyebrow-raisingly overweight contestants each season. This season we have a motley crew indeed, featuring the heaviest person ever weighed in to the “ranch,” the first ever previous-contestant welcomed back (last seasons’ heaviest), and the contestant with the saddest-ever sob-inducing life story (seriously, I’m not kidding—there have been two episodes so far and I’ve cried at both).


It’s fun to sit in your comfy chair and watch other people exercise, and the weigh-ins each week are as nerve-wracking as they are uplifting. There’s something about watching people accomplish life-long goals, one week at a time, that is at its foundation truly inspiring. I love it; I love makeovers, I love weigh ins, I love trainers, and I love when I’ve also gone to the gym on Tuesdays and can thus justify eating the rest of the entire zucchini cake and an ice cream sandwich.


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