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Four fun fall things

October 2, 2009

As the weather turns colder and the leaves start changing colors and throwing themselves all over the place, and you start drinking mulled cider and making baked apples and eating two bags of Halloween candy in three days (…oops), here are some fun things to have if you love the season as much as I do!

Sometime in late July or August, even though it was scorching 95 degrees and 100% humidity outside, my family bought a fleece sherpa blanket from Costco for super cheap. Since that first purchase we have returned to buy three more—they are that snuggly, that soft, and that ridiculously warm and comfy.

This blanket, below, is from Cabela’s, but I’m sure you can find them almost anywhere. I love the feel of sherpa. The ones from Costco have some sort of delicious velvety fake fur on the other side.


Lately I’ve been on a strange sort of air-freshener kick, with fall scented tarts, candles, and scented oil plug-ins. The best-smelling air freshener, in my opinion, is Apple & Cinnamon, from Renuzit. Treat yourself: Put it on your desk at work or on your kitchen counter. They are so cheap and last a few weeks, too.


Speaking of fallish things you can enjoy at work, I love these single-serving apple cider packets, which you can find in almost any grocery store.


It’s that time of year to set out a huge pumpkin and fill it with candy. Target has smallish bags of mini candy bars for $2.50, worth stocking up! (Especially if you eat all the chocolate nougat deliciousness faster than your roommates can get a piece.)



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