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I love a good plan

October 7, 2009

I love to plan.

Anyone who knows me at all knows I am the following:

  1. A planner.
  2. Not spontaneous.
  3. Uncomfortable when plans change.
  4. Always looking ahead.


Roommate: Oh you probably haven’t thought about this yet, but when are you going home for Thanksgiving?

Roommate: Wait. Nevermind. You probably have.

Me: Tuesday night, 24 November, at about 7:15 p.m.

In one of my teacher school classes I discovered via Myers-Briggs that I just like structure and hierarchy and plans; but this is something that is learned at some point in life.

Recently I’ve been trying to let go of my dear plans, live a bit more spontaneously, and try not to freak out when something doesn’t go according to my schedule.

But then again, I still plan my meals each week, my plans each weekend, my future timelines, etc. etc.

It’s a long road ahead.


I was given a super fantastic assignment in teacher school that puts my best planning skills to work. Manna from the gods, my mother called it: the annual plan.

In Virginia, there’s something interesting that I didn’t know about coming from good ol’ PA—the Standards of Learning. Basically, the state puts together between 15 and 20 standards for each grade level of what should be mastered by the end of the year; these are then evaluated with standardized tests. Under each standard is about 3 to 8 substandards.


My task is to take each of these rather randomly ordered substandards, group them into units, and turn in a yearly calendar with how many days will be spent on each unit, making special notations as to which standards will be covered when. How many units, when tests will be, how many weeks to cover which topics—also accounting for teacher inservice days, holidays, breaks, and other unforeseen assemblies and pep rallies.


It’s so much fun for me I can hardly stand it.

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