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Adam Lambert is cheating on me

October 20, 2009


It’s no secret that I love, love, LOVE the Idol runner-up Adam Lambert. In addition to paraphernalia (Adam is my Idol!) t-shirts and magazine clippings taped to my door, I bought every song he ever sang on iTunes and eagerly await his new album. I already purchased his new single for the movie 2012 (“Time for Miracles”). I’m enthralled with everything about him and I’m not afraid to proclaim it to the world.

I pretend he isn’t flamingly gay and will one day marry me and we can live happily ever after and I can be Laura Lambert for eternity.

My friends ridicule(d) me. They said I was absolutely insane to think that this person might choose me. When I said I loveeeeeed A-Lamb, they would point out “But he’s gay.” To which I would reply, “HE JUST HASN’T MET ME YET!!!”


Well. Apparently I am not the only women who was captivated by him in a schoolgirl crush way.

In the new magazine Details, Adam Lambert poses in some racy pictures with a female model that make me feel simultaneous hope for my future as a female in his life and disappointment that said model is not moi.


Check it out! I’m not the only one!

I am willing to fight for him to the death. Look out, ladies—I called him first.

(Incidentally, his album For Your Entertainment drops November 23rd. What a great holiday gift for the idolizer in your life!)

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