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Finally, a good Grey’s!

October 23, 2009


With the addition of such fantastic shows this fall of an extra So You Think You Can Dance, FlashForward, Modern Family, and Glee, it’s been hard to find enthusiasm for the old shows that used to be my stand-bys, which have not been up to par. Private Practice, The Hills, Grey’s Anatomy, even Extreme Makeover: Home Edition—I admit I have let you fall by the wayside because you no longer make me laugh or cry, and you’re just old and boring. You’re just not as good anymore without Burke, George, and Addison. You kinda suck.

Thurdsay’s Grey’s Anatomy, however, showed up ready to play. A storyline that was compelling, dramatic, exciting, and mysterious, I was staring at the TV in awe for the first time in two years. Character and plot-driven, the episode had me practically riveted. Finally an excellent storyline, I just hope that next week can keep it up.

Grey’s still doesn’t earn that highly elusive “Shows you should be watching” category, but I’ll keep watching to see what else it can deliver. I’ll give it a chance.

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