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New releases worth renting

October 26, 2009

Everyone knows there are those movies that you see in the theater and are interested enough but also feel like the $10.50 plus snacks wouldn’t be worth the movie. Here are a few new releases I deem worthy of Netflixing. (Is “to Netflix” a verb yet? Mayhaps I’ll write to Merriam-Webs and request a new word. Google is a verb now, you know.)

1. The Proposal.


It’s so easy to love Ryan Reynolds. Two Guys and a Girl started my love affair, followed by Waiting; Definitely, Maybe; and other various smaller movie roles. The Proposal is by far his best yet. This movie is the typical greencard-esque plot, with bits of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and any other movie in which characters aren’t supposed to fall in love but obviously do. Betty White shines in the role of Gammy the grandma, but Sandra Bullock really does a great job. So unlike other Bullock roles (ahem, Miss Congeniality, Speed), this one fits her perfectly and she brings a stern sweetness to a part that nearly any actress could have filled—yet didn’t. It makes me even more excited to see this movie that had me teared up in the second minute of the preview (see below for trailer of The Blind Side). It was funny, it was cute, it was just right. Not too corny, not too predictable.

The Blind Side—comes out 20 November 2009

2. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen


This one I actually did see in theaters, but on second look should have just waited until the DVD (especially considering I hadn’t actually seen the first one before seeing this one, but whatevs). Typical action movie, not as good as the first, although Shia is worth looking at for any amount of time, no matter the plot line.

3. The Hangover


Saw it in the theater once (with the entire family, no less) and wanted to watch it again almost immediately. There are few movies I would see twice in theaters. And the producers are really making us wait for it, too: It isn’t scheduled for DVD release until December. Although genius in terms of marketing and Christmas-gift-buying strategy, I’m tapping my toes in excitement to own a copy. Hilarious, ridiculous, inappropriate, raunchy, disgusting, awesome, hysterical—this movie is so much more than a “what did we do last night?” story. With the introduction of sure-to-be seen again actors (Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis), the movie doesn’t stop being funny for a moment. Rent as soon as you can. Or just buy it. For me.

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