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A bunch of random for you today

October 27, 2009

It’s rainy, gloomy, dark and dreary outside and I’m snuggling with my tea and my Google Reader this morning since I can’t snuggle with Bear and the second Outlander book. Waaaah.

I love people who dress up their miserable-looking pets. We have never, ever done this to our poor pups, for the record.



We put the Christmas cracker hats on them sometimes. Aww, RIP, Bennie.

Here is a sarcastically commented gallery of pets dressed up for Halloween, looking miserable, which somehow never gets old for me. My fave is the kind of dog I want to own someday, too, a presh mini doxie:


Next bit of random is from an article about ways to decrease your food waste. I struggle with food waste, being a single person who likes to cook a LOT, so this is definitely a helpful resource. The best ideas:

Leftover fruit? Make smoothies or applesauce. Leftover bread? Make homemade croutons (yum) or bread crumbs. Leftover random bits of cheese? Make a 5-cheese mac & cheese. Leftover coffee in the pot? Freeze it in cubes for iced coffee or to cool down a too-hot-mug.


And finally, a sweet, perspective-bringing article about how drama can interfere with your life. After creating a little drama for myself lately, it’s important to remember sometimes to box up the drama and just get on with things. In the age where all we try to do is save save save—save time, save money, save energy, save anything—it makes no sense that we often put so much effort into being dramatic. It ruins productivity, happiness, calmness, and efficiency. So the next time you start to feel dramatic, just stop. I like to tell myself to “grow up.”

It works every time.

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