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Cheese, glorious cheese

October 28, 2009


I just spent the most delightful evening. Pretty much all of my favorite things.






Excellent company and conversation.



Sigh. I’m so content! I just have to share with you my Cheesetique experience. If you’re anywhere in the DC area, run, don’t walk, to Del Ray and get yourself the Dressed to the Tens platter of three meats and cheese.

Cheesetique is half cheese shop/half tiny restaurant with cheese, meat, and wine selections—peppered with a few salads, sandwiches, and entrees. But really, why would you go if you weren’t going to get a huge board of cheese?


Does anyone not like cheese? If they do, they are not my friend, and probably for a reason. I can think of no one I know who hates cheese. There are some that enjoy cheese but don’t seek it out. And then there are people like me who sometimes think that we exist only to eat cheese, close our eyes in sweet joy, and taste proof that a God somewhere must exist and he loves both goat cheese and the Phillies.

It was just that kind of experience.

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