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October 28, 2009

Do you ever read Glamour? I think you should—I’ve been a subscriber for four years now and my mom and I alternate who buys the subscription and gift subscriptions each Christmas. Last year we forgot to discuss and each had two copies every month. Heh.

No seriously, though, I argue that Glamour is the best woman’s magazine out there. What do I like so much? I think it’s the perfect blend of fashion, beauty, health, eating and nutrition, sex, exercise tips, love and life, and stories about real women heroes that touch the lives of others. Not too much sex stuff, not too many pages of fashion ads, and just the right amount of snark and cheeriness for me to want to go the treadmill and read it. The “Hey, It’s OK” section is enough on its own!

The cover of December’s issue is just lovely, and it features a fantastic role model for all women, regardless of political affiliation—Michelle Obama.


It is the first time that a first lady will have appeared on Glamour‘s cover in its 70-year history. Inside, Michelle O is interviewed as the woman of the year for 2009, and speaks about mentoring, being the first lady, dating advice, and fashion tips.

Can’t wait to get it next week.

Also, magazine subscriptions make great gift ideas, whether someone in your life might like Glamour, Cosmo, Men’s Health, Self, National Geographic, People, Entertainment Weekly, or Runner’s World. Giving a gift that will arrive in the mailbox each month is long-lasting and thoughtful. Many magazines also offer two subscriptions for one, or half off, so it’s a gift you can give yourself, as well.

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