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Sad, no Glee

October 29, 2009


1. Adam Lambert is on Oprah today. See the video here.


2. I just went to find Glee on the DVR, got mad and blamed the comcast box for not taping it, and then remembered I watched the World Series on Fox last night so obvi Glee was preempted. Then a friend sent me this article about why the WS is better than Glee, and I agree. Although the best reason isn’t listed (not to mention it’s a bit pro-NY, but whatever), and that’s that the Phillies are going to shut down the cocky Yankees and that will be that.

3. Have you tried Bud Light Golden Wheat yet? No????

Do you like Blue Moon with a squeeze of orange in it? (This drink was our standard in college at our campus bar. Delicious. $3. On the meal plan. Yup.)

This is a light version of an amber wheat-y delicious orangey beer, with waaay less calories and heaviness than a regular Blue Moon. We love it. It’s crisp and refreshing. Highly recommend it!


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