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I had never seen a panda before

November 8, 2009

One of my roommates had a strange desire to go to the National Zoo, and has been bugging us about journeying there for months now.

Finally on Saturday, we did.

I’ll spare you the thousands and thousands of pictures I took of animals sitting around being lazy. Instead I’ll highlight only my three favorite animals.

1. DC’s famous pandas.


I had never seen a panda before! They are pretty cute.


They look….well, just like…pandas.

2. The golden lion tamarin. The cutest animal on the planet.


Except for maybe the meerkat….


and finally,

3. The lemur.

Anyone who has seen Madagascar (and as has come to my attention lately, apparently everyone has NOT, and this should be amended immediately) knows and loves the lemurs.


At the National Zoo there’s an exhibit called Lemur Island. It’s where I hope to die and go to heaven someday.




I love their hands and feet. And how they just are totally jangin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’.

The best is that I kept on singing “I like to move it move it,” as did every other child aged 5-10 that walked by.

Kindred souls!


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