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Like hearing your voice on tape…but so much worse

November 18, 2009

Ahhhhhhhh yes. I watched the DVD provided to me by my professor of me microteaching the class for 30 minutes (part of my final delivered on Monday night). As the title of this post can tell you, it was cringe-worthy.

But also truly enlightening.

Important things I discovered from watching myself teach on video:

  1. I talk really, really fast. Like, freakishly fast. Is this something you all notice about me and just never told me? Good lord. It was like trying to keep up with a chipmunk.
  2. I should not wear brown flats, brown opaque tights, and a brown corduroy skirt in the near future again. I looked like a tree.
  3. My hair might be a little blonder than I thought it was. I’ll admit it.
  4. I think I am funny, but others sometimes don’t. It is weird when I crack jokes and laugh at myself and others don’t laugh too. This happened on the video at least twice and even watching it, I cracked myself up again. This needs to be addressed.
  5. I should smile more. Why so serious, Miss L?

Obviously these are only the superficial “omg do I really do that?” observations. Other actual concrete observations pertaining to how I teach:

  1. It’s hard to observe every student when you’re teaching a group. I was so distracted by actually carrying out the lesson that I didn’t realize I told students to get into pairs, and someone worked alone (odd number of kids). Oops!
  2. My PowerPoint skills need jazzing up.
  3. I ask compelling questions, but say “yes” too much.
  4. I have confidence, poise, and strong voice projection.
  5. Being a teacher in real life is sorta like playing school with your unwilling little brother but so much more awesome. Your brother might run away but real students can’t. Mwah hahaha.
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