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I return!

December 29, 2009

I’ve been neglecting everything lately—my cuticles, my diet, my Google Reader, my blog. But it’s OK! I’ve got that whole Christmas-is-over-it’s-a-new-year-scratch-that-new-decade-and-I-feel-inspired thing going on.

I had a wonderful Christmas. Naturally it went by too quickly and I am far too soon back at my desk with a sad looking advent calendar and droopy plants and a pile of work on my desk, but alas—see new inspired attitude, above.

It’s so fun to spend Christmas gift cards on post-holiday sales and think about New Year’s Eve and plan resolutions, no?

I got some amazing stuff for Christmas. A le creuset, a specialty handmade chef’s knife, a KITCHENAID, this apron

I plan to bake my buns off. Quite literally.

Speaking of buns, a rowdy and extremely rude homeless woman was shouting at passersby outside the Ballston mall yesterday. To me, she shouted, “What, did you lose your ass somewhere?”

I’m not quite sure what that means, but I plan to take it as some sort of compliment.

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