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Glee + Lambert

January 8, 2010

Thanks to C for this who knows I no longer read Perez because he is (a) annoying and (b) overwhelms my Google reader.

From Perez:

Adam Lambert is rumored to be taking on a guest-starring role on a future episode of Glee!

Adam will supposedly portray a “big brother”-type mentor for the character of Kurt, played by Chris Colfer, who is struggling with being openly gay.

Loves it!

Too bad Glee isn’t returning to us until April! So far away!

Please, please! It is like combining my two favorite things. It would be like if Tim Riggins auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance or if Phil Dunphy performed on American Idol. Ahh!
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  1. January 8, 2010 6:05 pm

    *Gasp* No way!!! That would be awesome. Two of my fave things in one. That’s like chocolate AND wine, or a good hair day AND a good skin day, or – wait for it – something that fits great AND is on sale. Omg, I hope it’s true! Thanks for the excitement 🙂

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