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The 3-day rule

January 13, 2010
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How soon should he call?

So in gabbing to my friends this week about my theories about love and relationships, I realized a few things about the standards and rules I have for this silly thing called dating and meeting people. Like, mine are tough. But I change them often.*

The 3-day rule is something I came up with this past summer after talking to people in healthy, loving, and successful relationships. I realized that most people I knew who met as strangers and started to date had received a call from their current boyfriend within 2 or 3 days of the initial encounter (if they met on a Saturday, say, they had a call by Tuesday…and often this happened the same night or next day). This started me on the three-day rule, if you don’t hear from them in three days, you won’t hear from them at all.

However, when I mentioned the 3-day rule to a guy I was whining to yesterday, he immediately thought I meant they have to WAIT three days to call, not vice versa. Cue Barney, from HIMYM. CJuice just told me about an episode I missed last season wherein Barney INSISTS Ted waits 3 days to call a girl, because calling her right away is way too soon.

Jesus waited three days, and it’s the perfect number of days.

And C-pants thought it would be weird to call someone after three days and not just wait until the weekend with immediate plans.

Not to be too HJNTIY, but what you think? [How many 5-6 letter H acronyms can I use in this post?]

*i.e. if he doesn’t call in the 3 days I will modify it to a 5 or 7 or 30-day rule.


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