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Did anyone watch AI this week?

January 15, 2010

My roommates and I skipped this first week of Idol, mostly because we’re busy and haven’t watched TV at all but also because I refuse, out of spite, to watch and be tortured by endless auditions. Like, until March. Lame.

Thankfully for me (thanks, Dad!), I don’t even have to watch.

Check out this video of the best auditions of night 1 here, and the worst ones here.

There! Two hours boiled down to two minutes. My kind of time saver.

Incidentally, can we all just agree that Posh should replace Simon (and Kara, for that matter)?

Or, can we agree that when Simon leaves, so will the best of Idol, and thus the show should just go out on a high note? The only way they could replace Simon with someone I would really enjoy watching, other than Posh, would be NPH. Neil Patrick, my future husband. (Side poll: Who could I more easily convince to be straight and marry me, Lambert or NPH?)

I don’t really want Fox to turn into a reality singing network with the start of Cowell’s X-Factor next year. Let’s give reality competitions a rest, or at least save them for the summer when no one watches TV, anyway (ahem, America’s Got Talent). Please, Fox, why don’t you just spend your time and money investing in a funny sitcom, a great drama other than House and 24, or some other kind of TV we might really want to watch? Taking up two hours of my life two nights a week with TWO shows is just ridiculous and I’m kinda mad at you for it.

So there.

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