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What do you save if you have 60 seconds?

January 21, 2010

Last night I went with AP to see Leap Year which was precisely what I expected out of such a movie. Cheesy, cute, sweetly funny, and charming. Besides, I love Amy Adams after her picture-perfect performance in one of my all time favorites, Enchanted, so pretty much anything she is in from here on out will have my support.

Annnnyway, at one of the cheesier parts in the movie, her obvious future love interest asks her what she would save if there was a fire and she only had 60 seconds to grab something. I’m not quite sure what the answer is supposed to be here, but it was clear he thought she was material and would grab electronics or clothes or the like.

However, I would probably grab the same things. I don’t think I could get my TV off the wall, but I’d most likely go for YB and bear, some pictures, my mac book and iPod, and maybe a hoodie and my slippers if it were cold outside. I don’t have an animal to rescue or a child to save.

Maybe the true test of the little question is to see whether you’d try to save anything at all. If you didn’t care about possessions, you’d probably just try to save yourself and forsake anything in your house, right?

Why I’m trying to analyze this question from a silly movie is beyond me.

SO, instead I will leave you with a fun song from Enchanted. And, if you haven’t seen it, please download or rent it. It’s adorable. I watch it when I’m sad. Sometimes I put it on at 3 a.m. when I come home drunk and try to stay awake until before it turns from animated to real people (I always fail).

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