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Disney hunks

January 22, 2010

Why short weeks always feel longer than 5-day weeks will continue to mystify me.

A list of Disney’s top 10 hottest guys (although I seriously disagree with some of them…Jafar is number 7?!? What!???) has Eric as number 1, which is absolutely true.

Missing from the list, however, is Prince Charming from Cinderella, John Smith from Pocahantas, and baby Simba aka JTT (what, the lion pup doesn’t count?).

Prince Charming is maybe a little nerdy, but he’s persistent, looking all over for that shoe. Very clean cut. Dresses well. Has money.

John Smith—sure he could use a haircut, and a nose job would do him good, but I kinda like the long flowly locks. And he comes with funny animals.

As for JTT, my crush will go on —-

As for the ugliest Disney “prince?” That would be who the Beast turns into in Beauty and the Beast. If I were Belle, I’d be pissed. I’d ask for Beast back, because this guy is beat.

Ick, right?

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