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When you love to wait

January 26, 2010

I’m a BAD waiter.

In lines for anything, bad. For my manicure, badddd. Behind the slowest cashier in Giant? Awful. For excellent things that I know the universe is already bringing my way? The worst.

This isn’t just a personal problem, though, it’s societal too. It’s why we as a people love anything that happens super fast and without delay. A makeover show? Sweet! A reality love show where they are happily ever after in just 6 weeks? Yay! 30 minute meals? HOV lanes? Overnight shipping?

We hate to wait. I HATE TO WAIT.

But sometimes waiting is fun. Anticipation is everything. Having is often not so thrilling or satisfying as wanting.

Relating the above to TV, the only important thing in my life lately: That is why How I Met Your Mother is such sweet torture. It was just picked up for a 6th season, which is great because although I want years and years and years more filled with Barney and Marshall, good lord will you just TELL US ALREADY!?!?!

The musical song and dance from the show’s 100th episode, above.

Nothing suits me like a suit!

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