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Things that were awesome when you were 5

January 28, 2010

1. A brand new box of 24, 36, 64, or 96 Crayola Crayons.

2. Lunchables.

3. The monkey bars/swings/teeter-totters at recess, or your friend’s house, or the park.

4. Getting Mom or Dad to agree to take you to Toys R Us.

5. When your little or big brother or sister got in trouble and you didn’t (even better when it was for something you actually did).

6. Saturday morning cartoons, back when they were actually really cool.

7. When you got to go to McDonald’s AND you got the coolest toy in the Happy Meal.

8. Babysitters that let you eat fruit snacks and watch TGIF and go to bed waaay past bedtime.

9. Bath time, when it involved tons and tons of toys, sponges, blocks, bubbles, and action figures, and those cool towels that went around your head.

10. Wiggling your first loose front tooth with your tongue for days and days and days and then finally losing it so the Tooth Fairy could come.

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