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Wahh I’m not a ninja

January 28, 2010

I have a $ingleLady friend who blogs about being single and dating online via eHarmony. She has been on lots of first dates lately and so I was asking her for advice about dating tips—like how to get one, e.g., and what to talk about on them. She responded by sending me a quiz to see what your first date IQ is, provided by the experts at eHarmony.

$ingle Lady: check this out
me: topics of convo that are appropriate for strangers?
$ingle Lady: nah, dating IQ quiz, let’s take it
me: i feel like i will 100% fail this
because i don’t know what even the answer to #1 should be
$ingle Lady: this is dumb
bc its totally different for a guy or girl
like, why would i be planning the evening?
me: one question is
“should you bring flowers?”
uh, no…can you imagine?
$ingle Lady: hahahahha
all this eH dating advice is hilarious
me: somehow i think the correct answer to “the waiter asks if you want another bottle of wine, what do you say?”
$ingle Lady: haha
omg wait till you get to the last question
“youve been making out for 15 minutes…what do you do?”
me: “suggest more drinks?”
$ingle Lady: hahah
this is secretly an alcoholic quiz
me: OMG!!!
you’re so lucky!!!!!
$ingle Lady: are you?
me: NO.
i’m a freaking “advanced first dater”
$ingle Lady: “You’re a First Date Ninja! You know when to hold ’em, when to fold ’em, when to walk away, and when to run! We hope you’re extremely confident in your dating skills, because people who really know how to date well are few and far between. See the guide below to get a picture of how smart you truly are.”
me: however, considering i’ve never been on a first date in my life, perhaps this is promising.
eharm says i need to sharpen my game!!
“We consider you an Advanced First Dater. You’ve got most of the knowledge you need to succeed, but perhaps should look at the information below and sharpen all the elements of your dating game.”
$ingle Lady: ok i clicked on that
and it took me to the “over 50 dating scene”
me: hahahahah, well played eharm.
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  1. January 28, 2010 7:06 pm

    I’m a ninja too…

    And I like the new blog banner!

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