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What day is it?

February 11, 2010
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7 days straight of alcohol drinking. Waah. Woe is me, right?

We’ve had a fun snowcation. The days have blended together, I don’t even remember that first snowfall, what I did on Saturday, who came over on Monday, and what the heck day it is. I’ve been working from home a little but otherwise doing nothing, and taking pictures of all the nothing as well. Last night we left the house and trekked to a bar, which was the most exciting thing I have done in a while. We may also have gone to iHop again. In the two years that I have lived within a stone’s throw of the joint, I’ve gone only one other time. And yesterday went twelve hours apart.

The snow does weird things to you.

Weird, delicious things. Like make you eat stacks of pancakes. Mmmm.

Our house is a mess, it smells like a frat lodge, and we haven’t had recycling or trash pick up in a week—which is becoming a problem. Oh, and this is the car situation, which needs to be amended today:

Thinking about how I’m going to get that poor Scion out makes me want to cry. All that hard work we did the other day was for naught, and there are about 500 pounds of snow separating me from NYC this weekend. Don’t those wipers look defeated?

Enough complaining. I haven’t been to my office since last Thursday. If people who don’t live in DC aren’t jealous, they should be. I went on a snow-induced eating and drinking binge and have the rest of stupid February to work it off. I didn’t get to go to Florida, but I got a vacation anyhow. At least it made for some ridiculous photos!

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