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Little things I love

February 17, 2010

Why are these measuring spoons I bought the other day so much more fun than regular old plastic round ones? I don’t know, but they make me happy every time I pull them out.

From Santa came these wonderfully fantastic salt and pepper mills by Peugeot. They make my food taste amazing and make me feel like a real chef.

L’Oreal Colour Riche lipstick.

Since practically the womb, my mother has been urging me to “please wear lipstick.” In her defense, I have nearly transparent lips that have no beautiful natural pink color at all. However, as I feel when I wear necklaces, I thought for a while that lipstick made it look like I was trying too hard. I also found it impossible to find good shades, even at the Estee and Clinique and Bobbi counters.

Enter, to my surprise, the L’Oreal brand from any drugstore. The color goes on so smoothly and blends in perfectly to my lips. I love it. I own three in very similar shades and have them in all my many totes, work bags, and purses. They rock. I’m obsessed. Go check them out. Although they are kinda pricey for drugstore brands, they are often on sale for buy one and get one 50% off, which makes them totally worth it.

Plus, look at all the colors!

Also, I am so freakin’ tired of winter and snow and ice and flurries and wintry mixes and the like that I cannot stop thinking about spring. And flowers. And grass. And sunshine. And flip flops.

And my favorite thing in the morning that makes my life easy and happy and fun:

This hairdryer is my hero. Ladies, if you have not purchased yourself a high-quality hair dryer and are still using a $30 Conair, I beg you to enter the world of salon-grade electronics. My morning routine was cut in half when I started to use a good hair dryer that heats perfectly and dries my hair in minutes. My hair is shinier, less frizzy, and feels awesome all day. Do it. Cave. Treat yourself to something you use every single day of your life and will for the next XX years. It’s worth it.

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