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High schoolers, they’re just like us!

March 9, 2010

I’m not sure I’m going to be able to gain students’ respect as a teacher. It’s hard to scold someone for disrupting the class when his/her joke was hilarious.

STOP TALKI—hahaha hehehe hooooo hohoho ho hummm haha—STOP.

High schoolers are lovin’ Lady Gaga and Jason Derulo, they marry each other (and divorce eath other) on Facebook, and they’re awkward as all hell. My favorite questions I heard today were:

“How do worms have sex?”

“Since Lisette is stupider than me, does that mean she is less evolved?”

“Are you allowed to teach us evolution in class?”

Teacher: “So, how do you get a fossil? What makes fossils?” Student: “Jesus.”

“If I wanted to go on a diet, wouldn’t it be smart to just eat a tape worm?”

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