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March 10, 2010

I wanted to title this post “Blah it’s only Wednesday,” had some déjà vu, searched my archives, and discovered I apparently feel this way every single Wednesday and reflect this sentiment in the posts.

Wednesday, you’re my Everest—always have been, always will be.

The last post was written by one of my dear friends, who is a single lady like me in every way (although a lot more comfortable with it than I am—her singledom is even self-imposed). This reminds me to remind you that anyone who wants to submit a guest post for this here little blog, about anything he or she pleases, is more than welcome. E-mail it to me, know it will be minorly edited (it’s what I do, sorry), and I’ll post it for the world to enjoy.

So. Why is Wednesday so particularly irritating to me?

1. It feels like my Monday. I telework on Tuesdays to accommodate an earlier class, and am usually out until 7:30 or so the previous night doing things like “learning” and eating dinner at the ungodly hour of 8:30. Wednesday feels like Monday by the time I get back to the office and think about three looming days ahead. (Wah wah, I know.)

2. Usually by Wednesday, I’ve given myself some sort of death threat about what will occur if I don’t go to the gym that night. For instance, if I don’t go to the gym tonight I’m not allowed to eat cheese for a WEEK.

Good god, I’d better go.

3. I’ve usually run out of the delicious foods and fruits and treats I bought myself on Sunday at the Giant by Wednesday afternoon. The hours between 2 and 4 p.m. totally stink without almonds, oranges, and berries to keep me snacking and happy.

OK, instead of dwelling on the negative, which I’m totally not allowed to do anymore, I’ll try to find Wednesday positives:

1. I’m in eHarmony communication with like, a bunch of decent, normal-seeming people (although a lot of the matches are stalled at this open-ended questions phase. But, again, not dwelling!!).

2. I get to watch the girls and boys on Idol tonight, and meet the top 12 tomorrow.

3. It’s 63° again. (And, has anyone else noticed how suddenly and ridiculously LOUD those birdies are?)

Is that enough? Can I be done now? Can you be done now, Wednesday?

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  1. March 10, 2010 3:03 pm

    Perfect way to conquer the Everest that is Wednesday = Modern Family

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