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Like a baby and her stuffed animal

March 11, 2010

The photo part of eHarmony is tricksy.

Like everyone else, you want to show that you’re (a) attractive, which is accomplished through various tan summer shots; (b) adventurous, which is accomplished by taking a picture of you in Spain or France or somewhere exotic looking; (c) athletic and outdoorsy, which is accomplished by showing you with your snowboard, on top of a mountain, or overlooking a scenic vista; and (d) normal and social, which is accomplished by showing at least one picture of you drinking with your friends.

So in my pictures, I felt I needed to highlight some important aspects of myself:

1. I’m happy; lots of smiling pics.

2. I like sports and Philadelphia; pic of me and brother at Phillies game.

3. I like to travel; requisite France picture.

4. I have hot friends; pic of me and AP.

5. I like dogs; pic of me and baby Gracie.

After complaining to $L2 about how no boys were communicating with me further after stage 3, her response was that I might need some sexier photos. Then, I received a straight-up e-mail from someone that read:

“Hi there Laura. What kind of dog is that? It looks like a stuffed animal!”

Now, I’ve started to reconsider the following photo:

(Is that not the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen?)

My impetus: I look cute, Gracie is even cuter, and who doesn’t love a puppy?

My reconsideration: I apparently look like a 14-year old girl holding her stuffed animal. Nothing says sex appeal like a puppy!

Truthfully, this picture was taken in 2006. I suppose that was four years ago, but I still look very much like I do in this photo, although bitter-heart syndrome and the working world have added a few more lines around my eyes.

Thoughts? Yes, this conveys an adorable message, very much aligned with who you are (lover of golden retrievers); or No, you look like a baby and this is obviously why people aren’t communicating with you.

(Also, I should just close this guy because he doesn’t know that is a golden retriever…dealbreaker, right?)

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  1. March 11, 2010 2:47 pm

    At first, I was gonna go ahead and say “close him” I don’t even like dogs and I knew that answer, but then I realized he was probably just trying to think of something to get a conversation started with you, so may as well give it a shot…

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