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Things are coming together

March 17, 2010

The sky is Richmond blue*. It’s a fun drinking-related holiday. I’m wearing green.

The sun is beaming and the high approaches 70.

Matches on eHarm are finally communicating with me via e-mail, and there’s even one I’m legit excited about. Others are initiating communication and I’m finally feeling hopeful about this online dating thing.

Although I sat outside to do work yesterday and had to wear a high-cut shirt today to hide my Simon Cowell chest, I’m pretty pumped I got sunburned, in March, in DC.

There are people everywhere outside, I’m ahead on all editing for work, and my prospects of pimping out my editing skills for cash are soaring at the moment.

It’s Wednesday, and it’s a good day.

*Richmond blue: vibrant, almost electric blue color that frequented the sky above the University of Richmond. Often looked most astounding next to Jepson and Boatwright towers. Makes me miss spring and want to drink iced coffees outside Gottwald, wear flip flops and see Lilly on white legs, and look forward to a little thing we used to call Pig Roast.

graduation day, 2007

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