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March 18, 2010

So, I don’t really keep it a secret that I don’t like the NBA.

I’ve never been able to get into it, my Dad isn’t really into it (I argue that whatever sports the Dad likes, the daughter will like), and Philadelphia doesn’t exactly excel at it (ahem AI), so it’s not really my thing.

I’ve also never gotten into college basketball, either, because Richmond was never really that good at it.

Until now!! I love to watch a team I consider “mine” and cheer for it, and since Richmond made the NCAA (at 7th seed, no less), things got a little bit more exciting.

Then, I found this article about how to bluff (with your eHarmony matches, perhaps) that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to the tourney, and I feel like solid gold. The best tips from the article, below:

1. Vaguely mention comments like, “Yeah, didn’t they have a big injury this year?” and “The team is well coached and experienced.”

2. Learn the word “guard play,” and use it in sentences like “They’ve got great chances, have you seen their guard play?” Same goes for “ball movement.”

3. “Press” is short for “pressure,” so you can talk about a team having trouble with the press.

4. Shake your head and talk about “questionable calls” from the refs.

5. Insert the phrase “They live and die by 3” into sentences. This references the 3-point game, or, as like to say, shots from outside the “shooting circle.”

6. Learn the name of three key players and toss them into conversations.

The CNN article also stresses not to come in to work on April 1 and say “Aw man, I’m so sad March Madness is over.” The championship is played in April.

On a related note, GO SPIDERS!

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