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Oh heeyyy Old Navy

March 18, 2010

Some people my age might think that Old Navy is only for girls aged 11-17.

They are wrong.

Not only is Old Navy at times ridiculously cheap (I mean, ridiculously…most of the stuff on the Web site right now is under $20), but depending on the time of year, their stuff is also adorable. [And, bonus: It’s that “Give and Get” program right now at Gap, Old Navy, Banana, Piperline, and Athleta—30% off and it goes to charity.]

This top, which I’m wearing today, is adorable in any of its colors (and is $14.50, to boot):

This top pairs nicely with a skirt, and looks cool for wearing in 90°+ DC heat:

And speaking of skirts, I picked up this denim pencil skirt for casual Fridays, which might just be worn tomorrow:

So, to sum up: Old Navy. Not just for awkward, texting, Tim-Urban-loving tweens.

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