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Things that have been thus far missing from my life

March 22, 2010

Dear Skype, how and why has it taken so long for me to embrace you?

Video chatting seems so passé, somehow, even though in this digital age, it is not only so cool but it’s also…SO COOL. Did I mention to you how cool it is?

So Oprah started Skyping all the time and it got really old really quickly.

Things that don’t get old really quickly?

Video chatting with my parents and calling the dogs to the room so they look at (and lick) the computer screen, get all confused, but then run out of the room and bring back a toy to show the invisible Laura who is calling to them from somewhere.

Video chatting with my besties and sharing the screen to show them eHarmony matches and going on technological tours of their apartments.

Video chatting with my mom, who reads my eHarmony profile and totally revamps it (and then insists that I’ll get more “hits”…..THANKS MOM).

NSG: How have we not been doing this forever?

I don’t know, NSG, but I know that, in the words of Bonnie Tyler, “Forever’s gonna start tonight.”

[P.S. If you have a web cam, go get Skype and be my buddy on it. I will chat you until the cows come home because the novelty has not yet worn off.]

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