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Nope, I was wrong—It’s always Wednesday

March 24, 2010

Why the face is it seriously always Wednesday around here? I thought it was Mondays but then remembered how much I tend to dislike Wednesdays and now I’m all conflicted about which day of the workweek most rightly deserves my loathing.

Why Wednesdays are bugging me:

1. It’s so flat drab in the middle of the workweek. Not quite halfway there. Tomorrow’s only Thursday. Then it’s Friday. It’s just interminable.

2. I have to make myself go to Body Combat at 7, which I actually love, but always forget that I love until I’m cranky about putting on gym shoes and walking to the gym in the rain and then suddenly I’m tapping into the reserves of latent anger (that scare me to death when I find them) and beating the crap out of someone invisible in front of me. Sometimes I picture cheeseburgers, sometimes Girl Scout Cookies, sometimes J—. Jab, hook, cross, uppercut, JAB!

3. I’m usually thirsty for alcohol, but because of #2, don’t drink any.

Why I should grow up:

If I live 75 more years, I’m going to live through 3900 more Wednesdays.

That’s a lot of Wednesdays to grumble about.

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  1. Biggie Angel Lover permalink
    March 24, 2010 2:03 pm

    This particular Wednesday also sucks because I’m not there to watch American Idol with you.

    Tandem nap when I get home?

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