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A little street fighting, a little career rhetoric

March 25, 2010

Hi friends!

BOY was high school fun today.

I was left in charge of a rowdy group in the library this morning, a group including one kid regaling the others with a fight story (he like, totally won, because like, the other kid didn’t even like, know how to keep up his like, guard, you know? and so he got like, some really sweet punches in there); another kid yelling across the computer bank to find out if the fighting kid had “railed” his “Catholic girlfriend” yet (the response was disgusting, and I’ll spare you); and I even got to yell at them a little “Hmmm, that doesn’t sound like you’re working on Darwin.” (Although, ironically, it seemed to convey some sexual selection and survival of the fittest).

I got to eat lunch with a lot of (cute and young) teachers in the teachers’ lounge, and I also got to grade and record papers in the grade book.


I also made a great connection with the teacher I’ve shadowed all year. I hope to get in there next fall, as well, and make even more connections for student teaching there….and then maybe even (fingers crossed?) teaching there permanently.

This is, of course, assuming I decide to start teaching.

Which is completely, utterly, and 100% up in the air right now.

How do you rationalize changing your career when you accidentally absolutely love your job?

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