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Good Friday

April 2, 2010

In the words of a very wise friend, “Jesus was nailed to a cross, so I’ll keep the snark to a minimum today.”

Everyone’s got spring fever. One of my friends I’m chatting to is currently still drunk at work from last night, and the conversation involves discussing masculine bedding in mossy greens and yellows (her words, not mine); the other is sending me questions for an eHarmony match that have me snorting coffee out my nose in hilarity; and I cannot focus on work to save my life, I keep seeing things outside like an Asian family sitting smack in the middle of the sidewalk, eating bagels and croissants, a butterfly passing by aimlessly, and a few specks of dirt on my window that the acrobatic cleaners missed yesterday.

It’s the weather. And the holiday weekend. And the sunshine and Aprilness and cabin fever. I think everyone wants to drink on patios, like, right now. Myself included. Maybe I’ll go join the family in the street. Beer goes with bagels, right?

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