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Pushing buttons

April 8, 2010

Today the electronic card reader at work is broken, the card thingie that you swipe that lets you into the office. I’ve been given the power of The Button, the wireless remote button you push to let people in. I wanted not to let anyone in, but I relented. However, I do make people wait. Just for fun.

Hey, I’m super busy. I have to give myself time to quickly access the internal Web cam server link that came with this button to check you out on the camera while you’re awkwardly waiting for me to open the door. I have to get my kicks somehow, and this iced coffee is not enough today.

On the other hand, this means I myself cannot leave the office to go to the bathroom, because there’s no one to let me in. And I don’t want to give away the power of the remote. I’m high on the power. HIGH.

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