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Highlights from a highlight of my life

April 11, 2010

Because of some super awesome connections, my family and I got to eat in the White House Mess, in the West Wing—a tiny little dining area for super awesome people.

It was seriously one of the coolest things of my life. We also got to see the president’s landing from Prague, and you know, I said hello to Robert Gibbs, General Jones, and um MICHELE OBAMA. She walked down the hall a mere two feet from us as we were waiting to dine in the Mess, waved, said hello, made eye contact, and made me so star-struck I still get giddy thinking about it.

She is tall and absolutely stunning.

In all, I had one of my best DC-themed days of my life here. After the White House experience, which I’m not sure anything will ever top, we played tourists and went to the American History Museum and then ate at a fantastic restaurant around the corner from my office called Siroc.

Sometimes—when I get 4 days off from work because of blizzard after blizzard, and when a month later flowers spring up resilient and smug, and when I say hello to the first lady like it’s totally NBD—I love this town.


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