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April 28, 2010

When I was in high school, one of my best friends and I used to make notebooks for one another filled with quotes, pictures, inspirational sayings, artwork, and Bible verses.

I loved these notebooks. They were beautiful.

Georgie (hi gette!) was always 100,000 times more artistic than I was, but she had such a way at picking the most perfect quotes, pairing them with her precious handwriting, and compiling it all beautifully. Whenever I read a quote I like, to this day I save it in a Word document and later transcribe it into a special quote diary I’ve kept for years.

I love this quote diary—it’s the perfect way to revisit my feelings from a certain time in my life. There are practically chapters devoted to the eras of certain boys “Oh, that was post-breakup with XX,” and “Ugh, that quote is SO YY.”

Lately I’ve seen on lots of blogs little quotes partnered with pictures and photographs. I love them. I always find them and save them or print them out. And then, I thought, “HEY! I could probably make some, with my own photographs, myself!”

So, maybe in the future I’ll try my hand at more of them, but here are a few I made.

What do you think? Kinda blade, huh?

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