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Everyone’s having quite the Monday

May 3, 2010

Wow. Not even noon and enough is going on to make people hate this day’s guts.

So far today my own flash drive crashed, leaving me to pick up the pieces of at least three full weeks of work (at the time of my last back-up). My hair has curled in ways I didn’t even know it could…I had quite forgotten what 75% humidity feels like. A women next to me on the metro with a big suitcase and wet hair was creepily and maniacally laughing at nothing. Repeatedly. This was absolutely frightening. My friends in Boston are boiling their water, my mother spilled something all over her purse, and between the oil spill, midwest flooding, and Times Square attempted bombing, the news is just oh-so-happy this morning!

Well, what else are we to do but get through the day? Here’s some humor to lighten the Monday load.

Via Buzzfeed:

A video of the smallest tiniest little baby horse in the world:

A video of Shane Victorino’s grand slam last night against the Mets (which, incidentally, occurred shortly after I yelled “YOU GUYS SUCK” at the TV and turned it off….that’ll teach me).

This picture:

And lastly, since today was brought to you by “oh my god,” let’s at least watch Usher be his adorable self while he sings our sentiments precisely.

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  1. Cara permalink
    May 3, 2010 1:15 pm

    Love the windfarm headline!! Thanks for making me chuckle…now back to drinking my boiled water. gross.

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