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Another Wednesday

May 12, 2010

BUT, today is a Wednesday that is my Friday. Booooooyaaaa.

I have no cohesive thoughts for you today because I am all over the place with plans and dates and packing and excitement.

1. Silas. Hello baby.

2. New slideshow to kill a few hours of other funny English signs from the NYT.

3. Roomie CJ and I are now on a mission to find these poodles, which apparently perform by the WWII Memorial.

4. Pathetically miserable season 9 finally had a song (since Alex Lambert’s oust, of course) that qualified as “listenable.”

Thank God Crystal was there to keep Lee in tune! It was cute.

5. This weekend is like the bajillionth annual Preakness Stakes. I am not going, but one time, we did. Highlights from that wonderous day:

yum! champagne and cream cheese, brunch of champs.

everyone is so responsible and sober looking! it’s only 9:30. the race is at 6:15.

(don’t waste beer…or get the tarp wet)

obviously strange boys started wrestling on our tarp. duh.

ah yes, the deterioration of 25,000 drunk kids and 5 hours in the sun.

Needless to say, a once-in-a-lifetime event.

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