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Time flies at the Georgia Aquarium, y’all

May 17, 2010

Our favorite part of the Georgia Aquarium, the largest aquarium in the world, was the huge tropical fish tank.

We sat in the room for about 30 total minutes, sitting on the benches as people came and went, pointing out our favorite fish out of the hundreds in the tank. I honestly could stare at that tank for hours and never get bored.

I’m also a bio nerd, but whatever.

Our second favorite part of the aquarium were the touch tanks: I got to nervously pet the adorable sting rays who were waving their fins at us in the tank and then jerk my hand away in squeamish fear when their slimy sandpapery slippery skin brushed my hand.

There were also touch tanks of shrimp and horseshoe crabs, but my Mom and I have a rule that we don’t like to pet any animals that we eat. (Err, the shrimp, not the horseshoe crabs. EW.)

The third favoritest part of the museum was the big fish animal oceans room tank thing area. They have four whale sharks (largest living fish species) that are breathtakingly big.

And they have a manta ray, the only aquarium with them in captivity!

The fun manta rays did lots of backflips for the excited on-lookers.

And finally, we found proof of what has been living in the lagoon last summer and this summer:


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