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Woodfire Grill and the wonder of Kevin Gillespie

May 17, 2010

As I mentioned, while in Atlanta we ate at Woodfire Grill, the restaurant of Kevin Gillespie (of Top Chef season 6 fan favorite fame). It was yummy. A tad pretentious, perhaps, and way expensive, but good food nonetheless. I tried quail and had the most fantastic little trio of ice cream sandwiches ever.

I started with a frisee salad (with an egg on top!) that include something called “bacon lardons” and “pork fat croutons.” Count me in.

Mom liked her salad too!

My quail….the tiny wings of which I cut off, shivered, and hid under a piece of bread.

My very Top Chef-esque trio of ice cream sandwiches on homemade meringue cookies—strawberry on lemon sauce, pear on apple butter, and coconut on mango sauce. YUM.

All in all, it was a good meal. The ambiance was great. Service was pretty good. Wine was overpriced and under-poured (seriously, it was about a tasting portion). I requested the presence of the chef, but was told he was traveling for Bravo.


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