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I’m a crier

May 21, 2010

Whoa baby.

You ever start to cry for some reason and then you keep crying out of control and you don’t quite understand what happened but you are totally crying way more than you should be at the dumb commercial, emotional blog post you just read, sad moment in a book, or The Biggest Loser?

I’ve finally got my tears under control after I read this post, Goodnight Sweet Chelsea Girl. It struck a chord with me because of this guy:

(who has promised me he won’t die until I am married with babies, so like, another 20 years or so) and I just started sobbing. I must have needed a good cry, because I now sit here without mascara and with a blotchy, puffy face and a closed office door. Whoa.

That was weird.

I’m actually super pumped it’s Friday—I’m heading to this restaurant tasting festival thingie for lunch today and have fun plans for tomorrow evening. And, if I needed any more cheering up, there’s always the Internet and its awesomeness to do the trick. Your TGIF video, below.

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