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Blade facebook things

May 26, 2010

I generally hate those blade facebook things that people tag people in and put up and that go viral and are anything reminiscent of Farmville or any of that dumb crap.

I saw this one today, however, and realized that—posting it on FB aside, which I wouldn’t do—it could be a good exercise to gain perspective and focus on the excellent and wonderful people in your life.

I filled this out on a piece of paper and had 25 different names of important people to me. I’d list you all here, but that’s awkward, so I’ll try in the next week to tell each of you that you made my list and are significant beyond words in my life.

(BTW, only one of the names belonged to one of my dogs.)

(And somehow I was able to ignore the ridiculously bad English translation subj/verb agreement errors.)

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