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June 2, 2010

I’m not sure if I told you guys this, but 2010 Laura had a motto about life: She was going to Keep It Simple, Stupid. She was going to try new things an be more spontaneous and stay out later and drink way more and scare herself to death by doing things like online dating.

We’re about halfway through 2010 already, can you believe it? Day 153. June 2. Here we are. And where am I?

  • I made tiny resolutions to cut the drama and have more fun. It kinda worked.
  • I resolved to moisturize more and engage in more positive self-talk. Sometimes.
  • I dated, online, somewhat successfully.
  • I stopped trying to meet boys in bars. I’m having the same results as when I was trying to meet them.
  • I was awesome. Spontaneous. Cowardly. Expressive. Bold. Awkward.
  • 2010 Laura shops a lot.

OK, so upon evaluation, I’ve Kept It Simple, Sorta. It was with group consensus that we decided I need a new acronym and new life mantra. I chose LASER. Many of the words in my mantras (there are a few) are not appropriate. Perhaps you can guess.

Did you keep your resolutions? Did you KISS more? Did you make it this far?

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